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Frameline42: San Francisco International LGBTQ Film Festival

June 24, 2018 @ 7:00 pm

June 14-24

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San Francisco International LGBT Film Festival showcases the best queer cinema from around the globe! The festival runs June 14-24 and will be at the Elmwood June 17-21.

The Heiresses(Las herederas)
Paraguay, Germany, Uruguay, 2018, 95 min
Chela and Chiquita have lived together for decades in fading elegance, sharing Chela’s childhood home in Asuncion, Paraguay. Forceful Chiquita manages practical matters, while reclusive Chela stays in and paints. When mounting money troubles force Chiquita to start selling off family treasures, Chela clings to her tattered dignity and proudly refuses financial help from friends. But this carefully observed tale about social status takes a dramatic turn when Chiquita is sent to prison for covering up their debts. Chela is forced to reconsider her notions of class by going to work-at first hesitantly, offering rides to her elderly (and judgmental) wealthy friends despite her discomfort behind the wheel, and then more confidently, starting a kind of private taxi service. It is a journey that will take her down exciting new avenues of independence, and into thrilling contact with young and beautiful Angy, who encourages her freedom-and a lot more.
Sunday, June 17 7pm ♿

Post Cards From London
UK, 2018, 88 min
On his first night out in London after escaping his provincial hometown, Jim is robbed and left with nothing, alone on the neon-lit streets of Soho. Fortunately, he is just what the Raconteurs have been looking for. A coterie of dapper young hustlers, the Raconteurs are immediately taken with Jim’s ethereal beauty and charming naivete, and they adopt him as one of their own. The merry band of escorts is soon schooling Jim in the sexy delights of their specialty: using their encyclopedic knowledge of art history to bring to life the homoerotic paintings of Caravaggio, Botticelli, and Michelangelo. As Jim becomes more comfortable in his skin under the tutelage of the Raconteurs, he finds himself submerged in the world of art, becoming a muse to his patrons and customers, even while discovering that he suffers from an overwhelming sensitivity to beauty-the legendary Stendhal syndrome.
Sunday, June 17 9:30pm ♿

Life in the Doghouse
USA, 2018, 80 min
Attention dog lovers! Are you an admirer of absorbing, inspirational documentaries? Do you crave a positive story in a world turned upside down? If you answered yes to any of these questions then Life in the Doghouse is the flick for you. Danny Robertshaw and Ron Danta, a loving couple for 30 years, are the compassionate, committed owners of Danny & Ron’s Rescue. With huge hearts and magical Dr. Doolittle energy, these kindhearted men take care of anywhere from 50-70 dogs at once in their South Carolina home. In 2005, the couple rescued 600 dogs after Hurricane Katrina, and have since saved more than 9,000 abandoned dogs from being euthanized, and instead found them new forever homes. This fascinating film takes us behind the scenes of this well-oiled doggy domicile. Filmmaker Ron Davis (Pageant, Frameline32) does an expert job of capturing the day-to-day life of these everyday heroes as they run never-ending laundry cycles, prep custom food for hungry hounds, and provide personalized love for each and every animal. We also learn about two men who have faced intense life challenges and found strength in their commitment to each other-and the animals that have changed their lives.
Monday, June 18 7pm ♿

Fish Bones
USA, 2018, 80 min
College student Hana is beautiful, brainy, and conflicted. A Korean immigrant on winter break in New York City, she’s drawn to music producer Nico but finds herself torn between her family’s expectations and her own dreams and desires. Should she pursue a modeling career (despite her mother’s belief that modeling equals sex work), or continue her studies while moonlighting as a waitress? Her growing attraction to Nico only adds to her guilt and confusion. Unlike Nico, who is accepted by her family and comfortable in her skin, Hana must live a double life, keeping both her modeling aspirations and her budding relationship a tightly held secret. Director Joanne Mony Park’s first feature is a kaleidoscope of non-linear moments that reflect Hana’s inner mindscape, weaving color-drenched images with an equally evocative soundtrack, which features Hercules & Love Affair and Nicolas Jaar.
Monday, June 18 9:30pm ♿

Bixa Travesty
Brazil, 2018, 75 min
Winner of the Teddy Award for Best Documentary at the 2018 Berlin International Film Festival, Bixa Travesty dazzlingly showcases the life and political artistry of Linn da Quebrada, an electrifying performer from the outskirts of Sao Paulo, whose daring and powerful performance style matches her social message of resistance and inclusion. A black transwoman (who refers to herself as a bixa travesty-“tranny fag”-by way of reclaiming those words), da Quebrada uses singing, rap, dance, spoken word, and other media to give a voice to queer people of color from Brazil’s favelas. Accompanied by her childhood friend and performance collaborator, singer Jup do Bairro, who is also trans, she creates provocative, high-energy performance pieces that celebrate and explore gender and sexuality while confronting the oppressive machismo of the country’s music scene.
Tuesday, June 19 7pm ♿

Skate Kitchen
USA, 2018, 106 min
After making a splash in 2015 with the documentary The Wolfpack, winner of a Grand Jury Award at the Sundance Film Festival, director Crystal Moselle breaks into narrative cinema with the sensational Skate Kitchen. Moselle uses a mostly non-professional cast-outside of musical phenom Jaden Smith-to populate this coming-of-age tale, which she based on the lives of real-life Skate Kitchen girls she met on a train (many of whom she featured in her 2016 short That One Day). In Skate Kitchen, we’re offered a beautiful, queer-inclusive glimpse into the subculture of female skateboarding, a subculture whose popularity never seems to die out with new generations.
Tuesday, June 19 9:30pm ♿

Realness & Revelations Shorts Program
Various, 94 min
These enriching shorts showcase the stories and experiences of queer and trans folks of color. Celebrating trailblazers, queer resilience, and the beauty of dance, these films feature QTPOC folks forging toward truth and equality.
Wednesday, June 20 7pm ♿

USA, 2018, 94 min
Three generations of women come together for a weekend at the family’s lakeside home outside St. Louis, and while fishing and Scrabble are intentionally on the menu, secrets both new and long-held turn out to be the main course.
Wednesday, June 20 9:30pm ♿

Man Made
USA, 2017, 88 min
Four men strive for victory in this intimate documentary about men’s relationships to body and self as they prepare for the Trans FitCon Bodybuilding Competition-the only all-transgender bodybuilding competition in the world.
Thursday, June 21 7pm ♿

Anchor and Hope (Tierra Firme)
Spain, 2017 , 111 min
Kat and her girlfriend Eva live in bohemian bliss on their London barge, floating to a new mooring every couple weeks. Kat (Game of Thrones’ Natalia Tena, here divinely channeling Shane from The L Word) is content with the status quo, but Eva (fellow Game of Thrones star Oona Chaplin) wants a baby. The fortuitous arrival of Kat’s straight pal Roger, in addition to too much tequila, conquers Kat’s doubts-at least momentarily. Anchor and Hope starts as a raucous, ribald comedy of manners and becomes more thoughtful without ever losing its deft touch.
Thursday, June 21 9:30pm ♿


June 24, 2018
7:00 pm
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